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Michael Cross as AG, IS that check on overbearing Govt.

Michael Cross as AG, IS that check on overbearing Govt.

Michael Cross as AG, IS that check on overbearing Govt.Michael Cross as AG, IS that check on overbearing Govt.

Government has a tendency to grow past what is specified in the Constitution!


The corruption in oregon is staggering! Let's end it!

Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely!

Our Founding Fathers wisely set up our Government with checks and balances.

It is the role of Attorney General to be that CHECK in the power of government and government officials.

Essentially, the AG should be the guard dog for the people, not some hand picked lap dog!

The present Attorney General is acting like that lap dog, enabling the power hungry Governor that we unfortunately have presently.

This is why we need a change! Our rights as Oregonians and the God given, constitutional freedoms, we all enjoy as AMERICANS has eroded drastically under the regime of Governor Brown!  This election, lets change that!  The current political power is NOT focused on Oregonians, but on fat cat special interest friends of the elites.

We NEED Michael Cross to be the next Attorney General to UNWIND bad law which has been shoved down our throats against the constitution!

AG Rosenblum is punch drunk with POWER

1.  When a Circuit Court Judge finds it probable that someone has been wrongfully convicted of murder and deserves a new trial, the AG should NOT DELAY JUSTICE!  The current AG has done this many times, here are the cases that immediately come to mind: Frank Gable, Jesse Johnson and Dante Farmer.

Can you imagine being wrongfully convicted and wasting a decade or more in prison for a crime you did not commit?  That is what has happened and continues to happen!

The current AG is punch drunk with power, wielding it like the wicked witch of the North.  This needs TO STOP!  We need humanity back in public office, that's why we need Michael Cross to be Oregon's next Attorney General! 

The Platform

Serving The Community

Tom McCall, arguably one of our best Governors said the following: 

Heroes are not giant statues framed against a red sky. 

They are people who say,

 "This is MY community, and it is MY responsibility to make it BETTER."

I, Michael Cross wholeheartedly believe that 110%.  If WE want to make Oregon better, then it will take EACH of us, doing OUR part!  Won't you join me?

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What would YOU like to see Michael address as AG?

What are some areas that you would like to see Michael Cross address as your next Attorney General?

Is it Cap and Trade Executive Order?  Mistreatment of Foster children? Oregon's Unconstitutional Red Flag Law?  High Car insurance? Annoying Robo and telemarketer calls?

Here's a question: If you fall behind in child support, how does it help the situation by suspending your driver's license?  In order to get those folks back on track so they can care for their dependents, many people rely on driving.  We need to STOP suspending Driver's licenses for that reason.  Let us know your thoughts!



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Why Vote Michael Cross for Oregon Attorney General?

The Office of State Attorney General needs to impartially and fairly represent ALL Oregonians.

Regardless of political affiliations, spiritual beliefs, race, creed, etc., the governing credo of the AG's office should be the federal and state constitution and the Bill of Rights.

It is the AG's role to protect ALL citizens from the overreach of power and to keep Government in check.

Michael Cross has demonstrated repeatedly that he cares more for the PEOPLE of Oregon than POLITICS or even his political affiliation.

When necessary he even calls out his own political Party for injustices and lack of transparency.

Michael has in the past, worked zealously speaking up for everyday people, that big Government has tried hard to silence.

We NEED Michael Cross to be the next Oregon Attorney General to reign in power in our Executive Branch of Oregon.

Specifically, Governor Brown is acting more like a tyrant than an elected official carrying out the wishes of Oregonians.

As your next State Attorney General, I take issue with ANY elected official, regardless of Political Party, that circumvents the will of the People and indeed chooses to use executive privilege over sending ANY ISSUE to be voted on by all Oregonians.

Please join me, in my race to become YOUR next State Attorney General!

Let's get back to the Oregon that I knew and loved as a child in the 1970's, we all miss dearly!

What can YOU do?

If you love Oregon and miss her, as much as I do, then I ask you to join me in this race to take back our state!

I cannot do it alone and I NEED YOUR HELP!

We have many spots available in the campaign and in order to win this, we rely on people JUST LIKE YOU!

Whether it's helping other volunteers, answering the phone, handling social media or setting up yard signs- if we EXPECT TO WIN, then it's going to take ALL OF US pitching in to push us over the finish line!  We also have fun and get to talk with like minded people, and that's great too!

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